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Table of Contents

BSM and New Physics including Higgs

  • Contribution, Contact person(s) (xx pages)
  • Introduction, The conveners, (xx pages?)

Higgs, Searches, and Dark Matter

  • Metastable Charginos and LHC Searches, G. Polesello (received, 5.5 pages)
  • Displaced vertex signatures at the LHC from B-L heavy neutrinos and MSSM FIMPs (received, 22 pages)
  • Searching for sgluons in multitop production at the LHC, S. Calvet, B. Fuks (received, 8 pages)
  • Searches for New Physics: Les Houches Recommendations for the Presentation of LHC Results, Sabine Kraml (received, 12 pages)
  • Effective axial-vector coupling of gluon and top-quark charge asymmetry at the LHC (received, 10 pages)
  • CMSSM Mass Spectrum at the LHC after the 125 GeV Higgs boson results, Raidal (received, 5 pages)
  • Impact of semi-annihilations on dark matter phenomenology - an example of ZN symmetric scalar dark matter, G. Belanger (received, 7 pages)
  • Implications of LHC searches for the Higgs in extensions of the standard model, Genevieve Belanger
  • Higgs boson productions via vector-like t′ decays at the LHC, G. Moreau (10 pages)

Models and Tools

  • Scalar and vector resonances in FeynRules and LanHEP, C. Duhr (received, 6 pages)
  • Automatic computation of supersymmetric RGEs with FeynRules, B. Fuks (received, 5 pages)
  • Implementation and automated validation of the minimal Z' model in FeynRules, L. Basso (received, 7 pages)
  • High Energy Physics Model Database (HEPMDB), A. Belyaev,(received, 4 pages)
  • Contribution on SUSPECT 3, D. Zerwas, (received, 4 pages)

Conventions and Accords

  • Conventions and Recommendations for Large Extra Dimensions, JoAnne, (2 pages)
  • Dark Matter Les Houches Accord (DLHA), C. Balazs, (received, 36 pages)
  • Update of the Flavor Les Houches Accord (FLHA), N. Mahmoudi, (received, 3 pages)
  • Extension of the SUSY Les Houches Accord 2 for see-saw mechanisms, L. Basso, (received, 23 pages)


  • ...

SM issues, NLO, jets,tuning,..

  • Introduction (done, 4 pages+references 4 pages)
  • A comparison of on-shell versus off-shell top-pair production at the LHC and the Tevatron, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit, S.Pozzorini, M.Schulze (received, 9 pages).
  • Tensor reduction and PJFry, Fleischer, Riemann, Yundin (received, 5 pages).
  • VBFNLO Francisco Campanario (received, 6 pages).
  • NNLO integrated subtraction terms, G. Somogyi, Z. Szor, Z. Trocsanyi (received, 6 pages)
  • Automation of one-loop calculations with GoSam (GoSam coll.) (received, 6 pages + 4 pages refs)
  • Phenomenological studies with aMC@NLO (received, 6 pages)
  • A NLO benchmark comparison for inclusive jet production at hadron colliders, Jun Gao, Zhihua Liang, P. Nadolsky (received, 12 pages)
  • W production in association with multiple jets, J.Andersen, D.Maitre, J.Smillie, J.Winter (received)
  • Strong and Smooth Ordering in Antenna Showers, P. Skands (4 pages?).
  • Killing Tunes (Andy Buckley) (received, 5 pages?)
  • Pileup subtraction and jet-substructure (Gregory Soyez) (received, 10 pages?)
  • Compact HepMC format (Leif Lonnblad) (received, 2 pages?)
  • W+jets, step-by-step comparative study (Korinna Zapp et al) (54 pages, received)
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