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Dirac releases are install directly by the Grid managers at /grid_sw/lhcb/DIRAC with the bookkeeping. An symbolic link has been added at /grid_sw/lhcb/lib/lhcb (which corresponds to your variable $MYSITEROOT), to start Dirac you set the LHCbEnv env with

source /lapp_data/lhcb/LHCbEnvII.csh
You can see that it's different than when you're running LHCb software. This difference comes from the fact that you have to source LbLoging.csh when you want to run Dirac and ExtCMT.csh for LHCb software.

Then set the Dirac environment with

SetupProject Dirac <version>

Available versions which are available can be checked at /grid_sw/lhcb/DIRAC.

If you directly run Dirac using the gui (Graphical-User-Interface) you will have this error message

from PyQt4.QtCore import *
ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore

First check your python version with

which python

and the CMTCONFIG you're using with


Then you need to link PyQt4 with (which can be find at /lapp_data/lhcb/DiracGui/python<version>/)

setenv PYTHONPATH /grid_sw/software/lib/python<version>/slc4_<amd64/ia32>_gcc34/PyQt4/install/PyQt4:

and activate you voms proxy

voms-proxy-init --voms lhcb
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