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How to become a "Grid User"

The first thing to do is to be recognize by the Grid sending Jobs, you have then to register. You can find all the documentation @ [1].

But if your that hurry a resume is presented down below.

Obtaining a Grid certificate

To get a grid certificate you have to follow the two steps described below :

  • you first need to ask for a CNRS certificate (GRID-FR)
  • then you register the CNRS certicate in your VO
  • and finally you must store your certificate on lappsl, lxplus and all linux machines you will use to access grid environment

How to get the CNRS certificate

Your first need to get a CNRS certifcate @

You'll receive a mail of confirmations and you have to extract it using the same browser you used asking for the certificate, and be careful choosing your passwords !!!

If you use Netscape [[2]], either Mozilla [[3]], or Internet Explorer [[4]].

To check if you already have a valid CNRS certificate :

First method  : open the certificate section of your web browser and check the validity date of your certificate.

If you use Netscape [[5]], either Mozilla [[6]], or Internet Explorer [[7]].

Second method : go to the following link and click on "Tester votre certificat" in the left panel.

CAUTION : the CNRS grid certificate you need to access grid is marked as GRID-FR certificate not as UMR...

How to get registered in you VO

Once you get a CNRS grid certificate you need to register it in your VO in order to have access toi all the grid environment of the experiment :

Go to the following web page and select your VO : You will be redirected to the VO registration web page.

Follow the procedure desribed in left panel :

[-] LHCb Registration Home   
 . Registration (Phase I)          fill in the web form and click on Submit button
 . Groups and Group Roles   
 . Required Personal Info   
 . Certificate Authorities

You will receive a confirmation mail, just click on the given link to confirm your registration

To check if you are already registered, go to the following link (depending on your VO) :

How to store your certificate on lappsl, lxplus and all linux machines

Create a certificate file containing your grid certificate data :

Open the certificate section of your web browser
Select your CNRS certificate and export it to your windows environment.

This certificate file has to be copied into your LINUX machine account in a .globus directory :

mkdir $HOME/.globus (if not done)

Be careful if you've exported your certificate from Windows, you then have to

dos2unix usercertkey.p12

Once your certificate in your $HOME/.globus you need to convert it :

chmod 600 usercertkey.p12
openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in usercertkey.p12 -out userkey.pem
openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -in usercertkey.p12 -out usercert.pem
chmod 400 userkey.pem #private key
chmod 444 usercert.pem #public cert

Warning !!!! Once registered you cannot immediately send jobs on the whole Grid, because your certificate needs to be distributed to all clusters you have to wait about 24hours.

Grid certificate renewal

If you're grid certificate hasn't expired you just to renew it clicking on the link giving to you by the mail.

But if your Grid certificate has expired you need to register again in a VO : [8]

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