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There are three ways to save your DATA on lappsl


On your account

That's the basic way to save your DATA, algorithm etc..

It's your account ~<your_Name>, but you're limited to a certain amount (300Mo).

In extreme case you can ask for more to the info support : support info

On lapp_data

The second way to save your DATA is on the common directory


You can have a direct access to it using normal linux commands like ls, cd, ...

You can chose to share your DATA or not changing the right access to your directories.

The total quota of this zone for the LHCb group is 100Go, you can check the occupancy in [1], but it can only de read from the Lapp :(

On the SE

SE means Storage Element, it means that it be only accessed from the Grid or from a lappsl using Grid commands (you can find them in [2]. LHCb total SE corresponds to 1To. Everyone with the LHCb Vo can have access to this DATA zone and do whatever he(she) wants so be very careful using Grid commands, especially SE-rm !!!!

You can find the status, quotas, uses... of the LHCb SE at [3]. This adress can be accessed with the Browser you put your Grid certificate in.

Shortcuts has been made sourcing /lapp_data/lhcb/LHCbEnv.csh because there's the line :

source /lapp_data/lhcb/Gridtools/tools.csh

This source corresponds to :

 #declare the catalog and where to find files, directories...
 setenv LFC_HOST
 setenv DPNS_HOME /dpm/

 set ToolDir="/lapp_data/lhcb/tools"

 #declare alias to be used
 alias SE-rm '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh delete'
 alias SE-cp '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh copy'
 alias SE-ls '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh ls'
 alias SE-mkdir '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh mkdir'
 alias SE-lfc-ls '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh lfc-ls'
 alias SE-rfcp '$ToolDir/SEinterface.csh rfcp'

 alias SE-to-scratch 'python $ToolDir/'

 alias jcat '$ToolDir/jview.csh cat --'
 alias jemacs '$ToolDir/jview.csh emacs -nw --'
 alias jless '$ToolDir/jview.csh less --'
 alias jmore '$ToolDir/jview.csh more --'
 alias jls '$ToolDir/jview.csh ls -Rl --'

All DATA can be accessed by everyone with an LHCb VO, removed and so on.

On the Grid

You can have a look at Sabine's presentation :


Check the lhcb diretory on the lapp-SE (/dpm/

Create your own directory on the lapp-SE

Copy the Ntuple you obtained to your account :

- rfcp : physical file

- rfrm : physical file because not registered

- lcg-cr : copy and register into the catalogue

- lcg-del : just to try it

Check one .dst from the grid which will be used later on, because the file which has been used for the first exercise was on /lapp_data/lhcb/Tutorial :

- from SE : Gael/Bd_JPsiPi0

- or from lfn : /grid/lhcb/user/g/grospabe/Bd_JPsiPi0

Here's the answer [4]

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